We suggest you take into account following considerations:

1. The information of the movements of yours accounts will be available for the last 6 months.
2. The information of your beneficiaries will be available in the "Payments", "Transfers" and "Frequent"
options. Service Payments and International Transfer Requests do not apply.
3. To be able to carry out your transactions you will need a Token. Follow the steps indicated by the system
or consult the tutorials on our Website, Channels section.
Entry of data
Type of document: select the corresponding document type from the list. For the types of "Foreign"
documents, you must take into account the following cosiderations:
1. If the number of your documents has in the third group 5 digits, select the option "Foreigner".
Example: E-8-12345
2. If the number of your documents has in the third group 6 digits, select the option "Foreigner 1".
Example: E-8-123456

Document No.: enter your document number without spaces and with dashes as shown on your
identification document.
1. National Identification Example: 8-12-12345
2. Passport example: PA01234567

For inquiries, contact us at 800-0006, Online Banking Natural Person option.